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As Ribat Group, We Serve the World

As an ambitious foreign trade company in 2008, the RİBAT Group team, which came to life with its structure that attaches importance to the use of technology, received 19,517 requests from the Turkish Republics, the Middle East and Africa, consisting of food and non-food areas; it has managed to register the economic ones of these as a transaction to its commercial life.

About Us

Our History

RIBAT was established in 2008 by İbrahim ÖZ as a family company; has continued its commercial life successfully until today. The initials of the names of family members form the name of the company. The kangaroo in the logo; It represents a fertile structure that is compatible with the environment in which it lives, takes timely action and goes forward continuously.

Over time, family members have completed their higher education in line with the requirements of the era and have made the global competitive and dynamic power of this corporate commercial formation sustainable.

In this context, Fulda Tires and Mutlu Akü regional dealership has taken its rightful place in the company career due to a jewelry experience full of success in the past. The commercial ethical rules established in those years are blended with the technological requirements of today and continue on their way with a new structure.

Our History

Timely Service

As Ribat Group, to satisfy our customers by developing and changing customer demands with all our employees in accordance with national and international quality standards in the most economical way and within the requested delivery time.

Quality Product

Combining the understanding of offering quality products as Ribat Group with the goal of producing at international standards, RİBAT adopts the customer satisfaction with the highest quality products, unconditional customer demands.

Detailed Support

As Ribat Group, we answer all kinds of requests and questions of our customers as soon as possible and adopt customer satisfaction by aiming to provide solutions to all demands of our customers as our company understanding.

Creative Ideas

We serve you with all our innovative ideas.


Our Service Areas

Solar Energy Systems


Machine Products


Food Products


Architectural Products


Chemical Products




For more than 25 years, Ribat Group transfers its accumulated knowledge over time to its valued customers with the best service and the necessary information needed by its customers.


As Ribat Group, we do not leave the right and righteousness. Honesty, diligence and respect for time and protection of customer rights are always our primary and most important principle.


Ribat Group, based on the principles of trust and customer satisfaction as a basic principle; It continues to serve with the relationships it has built on trust with its customers by adopting an understanding focused on trust and innovation.

We are a Growing Company

High Technology

Our Teammates

Ribat Group performs qualified works with our professional and experienced team mates. We are happy to serve you with our international sectoral experiences.

Hasan Akkaya

IT Director

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