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RIBAT was established in 2008 by İbrahim ÖZ as a family company; has continued its commercial life successfully until today. The initials of the names of family members form the name of the company. The kangaroo in the logo; It represents a fertile structure that is compatible with the environment in which it lives, takes timely action and goes forward continuously.

Over time, family members have completed their higher education in line with the requirements of the era and have made the global competitive and dynamic power of this corporate commercial formation sustainable.

In this context, Fulda Tires and Mutlu Akü regional dealership has taken its rightful place in the company career due to a jewelry experience full of success in the past. The commercial ethical rules established in those years are blended with today's technological requirements and continue their way with a new structure.

The same understanding has been preserved while many local and foreign brand auto spare parts agencies are being operated; The company continued its growth by adhering to its corporate values. Thanks to this feature, the company has maintained its feature of being the largest business and turnover institutional structure in the Aegean Region for years. This structure, formed with the trust of business and solution partners, enhances its competitive feature in a sustainable manner by carrying technological breakthroughs.

Later, 5 large Turyap Franchise offices, which are still active in the field of real estate project and investment consultancy, which are among the business subjects, continue their pioneering position by signing many innovative ideas in the sector with their structure based on mutual trust index.

RIBAT, which has grown its rapid structure based on the trust that it has built up over the years, moves towards new targets in every field, and maintains its exemplary structure by accelerating its activities in order to ensure that our country's agricultural and technology products are processed from their real value on a world scale.